Aperiam - Developing SQL Data Models


The focus of this 3-day instructor-led course is on creating managed enterprise BI solutions. It describes how to implement both multidimensional and tabular data models and how to create cubes, dimensions, measures, and measure groups. This course helps you prepare for the Exam 70-768.


After completing this course (74-MOC-20768) students will be able to:

  • Describe the components, architecture, and nature of a BI solution
  • Create a multidimensional database with Analysis Services
  • Implement dimensions in a cube
  • Implement measures and measure groups in a cube
  • Use MDX syntax
  • Customize a cube
  • Implement a tabular database
  • Use DAX to query a tabular model
  • Use data mining for predictive analysis


  • Modulo 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Data Modeling
  • Modulo 2: Creating Multidimensional Databases
  • Modulo 3: Working with Cubes and Dimensions
  • Modulo 4: Working with Measures and Measure Groups
  • Modulo 5: Introduction to MDX
  • Modulo 6: Customizing Cube Functionality
  • Modulo 7: Implementing a Tabular Data Model by Using Analysis Services
  • Modulo 8: Introduction to Data Analysis Expression (DAX)
  • Modulo 9: Performing Predictive Analysis with Data Mining


Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Experience of querying data using Transact-SQL